SPIE EUV Lithography 2023

New technique for measuring free-form wafer shape for feed-forward overlay corrections will be highlighted at SPIE EUV Lithography 2023


Wooptix will present a scientific paper at SPIE EUV Lithography, held in Monterey California October 1st through October 5th under the title “New technique for measuring free-form wafer shape for feed-forward overlay corrections” written in collaboration with ASML.

The paper abstract, publicly available on the conference website, explains the importance of the work required to achieve higher accuracy for on-product overlay (OPO), one of the most critical parameters for continued scaling according to Moore’s law.

The paper will discuss the challenges endured when correcting for higher order wafer shapes in the lithography scanner using alignment marks in the scribe lines; more complex process induced stress requires an increasing number of alignment marks which is not aligned with the ever-shrinking feature size in the chip industry. It is evident that when stress variations manifest itself on shorter length scales, if increasing the number of alignment marks is not a viable option, a more sophisticated wafer alignment model is needed which includes the measurement of the wafer distortion induced during wafer processing.

The paper describes a method used to predict in-plane distortions (IPD) using wafer shape measurements acquired using Wooptix’ research wave front phase imaging tool capable of measuring both blank wafer shape and patterned wafer geometry.

The Oral presentation will be on charge of Jan O. Gaudestad, VP of Business Development at Wooptix. As SPIE website says “Jan Olaf has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He worked on strategic accounts at InvenSense/TDK for consumer level motion sensors. He spent 14 years at Neocera, an Intel Capital funded backend semiconductor equipment company managing product development, global sales, applications, and new business development.”

The Papers Authors in ASML are: Richard van Haren, Leon van Dijk and Ronald Otten. In Wooptix, the papers authors are: Kiril I. Kurteva, Juan M. Trujillo-Sevilla, Guillermo Castro Luis and Jan O. Gaudestad.

When and Where
The EUV Lithography program 2023 will take place in Monterey, California, from October 01st to 05th at the Monterey Convention Center
The ASML and Wooptix Paper will be presented the October 03rd 2023 from 11:45 AM to 12:00 PM

The Program
The aim of this SPIE event is to focus on global breakthroughs and challenges within photomask technology and EUVL. “This conference is where researchers and scientists gather to share latest advances across two conferences” explains the SPIE web page.

The EUV Lithography 2023 is plenty of interesting conferences:

o EUV readiness and insertion in manufacturing
o EUV tools, including sources and optics
o EUV mask metrology, inspection, and lifetime
o EUV mask and imaging
o EUV mask pellicles
o EUV resist materials/process and contamination
o EUV process control and stochastics
o EUV patterning and process enhancement
o EUV lithography extendibility

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About Wooptix

Wooptix is a leader in semiconductor metrology through wavefront phase imaging, a technique derived from adaptive optics research in astronomy. With a multidisciplinary team, Wooptix aims to disrupt the semiconductor metrology industry with the highest lateral resolution and fastest measurement technique for inline fab measurements.

The company has developed Phemet®, a wafer shape lab tool for blank and patterned wafers, ahead of the upcoming fully automated fab tool, expected in 2024. Wooptix has already deployed Phemet® at several customer sites worldwide.

Wooptix is based at Tenerife, Madrid (Spain) and San Francisco (USA).

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