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Wooptix launches the RT1000 Phase Camera Development Kit

SEBI® RT1000 results in substantially better visibility of important details. Disruptores” published a complete article about the SEBI RT1000 launching


Madrid 03/05/2024 – Wooptix, an expert in optical metrology, launches the Development Kit of its Phase Camera SEBI® RT1000, following the successful results obtained during the last months of data analysis, which were presented successfully during the International Optics Congress ESODM24. Wooptix’s wavefront phase camera is a smaller implementation of the WFPI (Wavefront Phase Imaging) Technology, patented by the company and on which its technology is based. “WFPI is the sensor developed by Wooptix to acquire high-resolution wavefront phase maps. To address small sample sizes and nanometric-micrometric R&D needs, Wooptix has developed SEBI® RT1000,” explains José Manuel Rodriguez Ramos, CEO of Wooptix.

Disruptores” published

a complete article about

SEBI RT1000 launching


The SEBI® RT1000 application is for use in laboratories, especially in activities such as: Quantitative Phase Imaging, Optical Metrology, Materials Inspection, Laser Measurement, and Oncological Research. “The RT1000 sensor is a major innovation in the market because it will allow, for example, the measurement of transparent microscope samples, such as neurons or other types of cells, without contamination by fluorescence. Undoubtedly, it saves time for laboratories, both optical and microbiology, and has the advantage of being manufactured in Spain, with orders starting in early March,” continues José Manuel.

SEBI® RT1000 features exceptionally high phase sampling (1,000 x 1,000), real-time processing (30 FPS), and absolute wavefront precision (λ/30 RMS) for the most challenging measurement tasks. “There is something very important, and that is that the camera arrangement achieves a high dynamic range, allowing measurements between nanometric and micrometric scales, and increases image depth resolution,” continues José Manuel Rodríguez Ramos.

SEBI® Analyzer Suite (SEBI AS)
The SEBI® RT1000 suite allows researchers to extract information for various different use cases. This software is designed to enable different researchers to tailor it to their specific needs and customize it for their best use scenario.
“The workflow is as follows: First, SEBI® RT1000 allows capturing images with exceptionally high phase sampling in real-time processing. Secondly, all images can be managed through SEBI® Analyzer Suite, which has a user experience (UX) fully adapted to the required processes. And finally, the capture can be exported to video or image,” points out José Manuel.

SEBI Analyzer Suite

SEBI Analyzer Suite (SEBI AS)

Development Kit: What to Expect?
The first 100 units of the SEBI® RT1000 development kit are ready to be shipped starting April 1st, however, orders can start to be formalized from late February, in fact, around a dozen have already been requested. “Our commitment is to respect the order of arrival of the orders, so as they arrive we will set aside the camera and send the development kit in strict order of arrival,” continues José Manuel.

The RT1000 development kit provides the necessary resources to experiment with phase camera imaging systems. The kit includes:
• The phase camera sensor itself, which is the main component responsible for capturing light phase information.
• Documentation: Detailed instructions, user manuals, to set up and control the phase sensor.
• SEBI® Analyzer Suite: Analysis software to assist in the phase camera system development process.

Phase Camera Specifications
The most relevant specifications for the scientific world of the Wooptix phase camera are:
Repeatability: Refers to the ability of a system to produce consistent results when a measurement is repeated under the same conditions. In simple terms, it indicates how precisely a result can be replicated. In the case of SEBI RT1.000, it presents a sensitivity of 50 nm (RMS).

Accuracy: This term refers to how close a measurement result is to the true or accepted value. High accuracy implies that measurements are very precise and approach the desired true value. In the case of SEBI RT1.000, it presents a precision of 25 nm (RMS).

Resolution: Resolution refers to the level of detail that an imaging system or sensor can capture. It is typically measured in pixels and determines how many individual pixels can be distinguished in an image. The spatial resolution of SEBI RT1.000 is 1,000 x 1,000. “It’s the first phase sensor where there’s a physical data point for each pixel of the detector,” clarifies José Manuel.

FPS (Frames Per Second): Indicates the number of individual images a system can capture and process in one second. The higher the FPS, the smoother the motion captured by the system. SEBI RT1.000 can capture 30 FPS. By “binning” (data grouping) and reducing definition, it is possible to address applications that require higher speed, up to 120 FPS.

“SEBI® RT1000 specifications indicate the competitive advantage of the camera. There are other specifications that will be provided upon request through [email protected],” concludes José Manuel Rodríguez Ramos.

About Wooptix
Wooptix is a leader in optical metrology through wavefront phase, a technique coming from adaptive optics in astronomy. Since the early 2000s, Wooptix has being improving and optimizing the proprietary algorithms running on the WFPI technique (WaveFront Phase Imaging), thanks to the brilliant team.

The company has developed SEBI® RT1000, a wavefront phase camera that introduces exceptionally high phase sampling (1.000 x 1.000), a real time processing (30 FPS), and an absolute Wavefront Accuracy (λ/30 RMS) for the most challenging measurement tasks.  Wooptix is headquartered in Tenerife, Madrid (Spain), and San Francisco (USA).

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