Wooptix at ESODM 24

Compact and versatile wavefront sensor for current and emerging challenges


Wooptix presents at the Spanish Optical Design Meeting (ESODM 24) its latest data on the SEBI® RT1000


Madrid – 01/30/2024. Wooptix, an expert in optical metrology, will present its latest data on the wavefront sensor at ESODM 24. Under the title, “Compact and versatile wavefront sensor for current and emerging challenges on the field,” Ricardo Oliva, PhD, and Computer Vision Manager at Wooptix, will provide the most relevant information about the results obtained with Wooptix’s smallest version of their wavefront sensor.

In Oliva’s own words, “Current challenges in the field of wavefront sensors focus on expanding and adapting their application to various scientific disciplines, especially medicine and microscopy. To address these challenges, it is necessary to design new devices that can adapt to diverse environments, overcoming the traditional balance between noise, lateral resolution, dynamic range, and data acquisition speed” he states.

In other words, current challenges require us to develop instruments capable of acquiring and presenting information in real-time, demonstrating versatility to apply the same sensor to different problems” emphasizes PhD Oliva.

Ricardo Oliva, Computer Vision Manager at Wooptix

Future Wavefront Sensors

The Wooptix presentation will also discuss the future of wavefront sensors. About this item, the Computer Vision Manager mentions that future challenges include “the implementation of quantum technologies to improve precision, particularly highlighting the development of sensors designed for nonlinear optical systems“.

Secondly, and not less important, “challenges will also be faced in the miniaturization and portability of devices, as well as in the integration of advanced algorithms for processing multivariable data and machine learning, with the aim of analyzing the data obtained more efficiently and quickly” he concludes.


ESODM 24 is organized by Tina E Kidger, from Kidger Optics Associates, United Kingdom, in association with Sergio Bonaque González, PhD, from INtech La Laguna. The sponsors of this fifth Spanish optical design meeting are: IACTec, ZEISS, ASE Optics Europe, Wooptix, Edmund Optics worldwide, Kidger Optics Assoc., and SYNOPSYS. On the other hand, Magna Congresos and Sedoptica are cooperating organizations.


INtech La Laguna: IACTEC

INtech La Laguna: IACTEC


More information about the event can be found here


Visit to the Teide Observatory

A day after the celebration of ESODM 24, a visit to the Teide Observatory will take place. “The guided tour will include a previous stop to observe the Sea of Clouds, and the time estimated at the Teide Observatory, will be an hour and a half,” explains the organization.


Telescopes of the Teide Astronomical Observatory in Tenerife, Spain.


About Wooptix

Wooptix is a leader in optical metrology through wavefront phase, a technique coming from adaptive optics in astronomy. Since the early 2000s, Wooptix has being improving and optimizing the proprietary algorithms running on the WFPI technique (WaveFront Phase Imaging), thanks to the brilliant team.

The company has developed SEBI® RT1000, a wavefront phase camera that introduces exceptionally high phase sampling (1.000 x 1.000), a real time processing (30 FPS), and an absolute Wavefront Accuracy (λ/30 RMS) for the most challenging measurement tasks.

Wooptix is headquartered in Tenerife, Madrid (Spain), and San Francisco (USA).