Semiconductor Metrology


Wavefront phase imaging is a new semiconductor metrology technique for measuring wafer geometry, capturing millions of datapoints in a few milliseconds with sub-nanometer height accuracy and higher spatial resolution than any other techniques.

Benefits at a glance

  • 1.000 times faster than conventional techniques
  • Wafer geometry measured on 300mm wafer in milliseconds
  • Lateral resolution below 100µm and height resolution < 1nm
  • Large tolerance for wafer placement
  • Less noise
Wooptix can measure both bare and patterned wafers in the same system

Wooptix WaveFront Phase Imaging (WFPI) is a new semiconductor wafer geometry technique that measures shape uniformity, nanotopography and roughness of  the entire 300mm silicon wafer in a non-contact, single image snapshot. Collecting more than 10 million data points with sub-nanometer height resolution, WFPI is the industry leader in speed and resolution. With the ability to measure both bare wafers and patterned wafers in the same system. The wafer manufacturer, as well as the semiconductor device maker, will take advantage of the speed and accuracy offered by WFPI. Due to no moving parts in the system, WFPI has lower noise than existing wafer geometry systems. 

Instead of having to choose the right wafer geometry metrology solution for your products. Choose the one system that can measure all types of samples with superior performance in the same system.

Using advanced filtering techniques on the global flatness wafer geometry data containing single digit lateral resolution. WFPI produces high resolution nanotopography and roughness data for the entire wafer without the need, for time consuming zoom images of smaller wafer zone windows.

Wooptix Semiconductor Metrology

WFPI is the only wafer geometry technique that can be embedded into high vibration CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) tools measuring nanotopograpy and roughness without having to chuck the wafer. With continued semiconductor scaling, the introduction of EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) lithography requires the wafer to be patterned in a vacuum chamber forcing the wafer to be placed on an electrostatic wafer chuck which introduces backside roughness which needs to be measured. Only WFPI can produce the required high-resolution roughness data in a high-speed single image snap shot of the wafer backside.

LAB TOOL: Phemet®

Wave Front Phase Imaging Phemet® is offered as a manually operated 300mm wafer lab tool for evaluation of the upcoming fully automated fab tool with robotic handlers. The system comes in one version for ordinary warped wafers (±300µm). The custom software allows the system to measure 50mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm wafers using different analysis windows.

Wave Front Phase Imaging Standard is a single lens system that can measure up to ±300µm of total bow on a 300mm wafer

Semiconductor metrology