About us

Our story

We took our first steps in researching and looking for outer worlds, newborn stars, black holes & galaxies in one of the most beautiful places in the world, from the Teide Observatory, in mountain Teide located on Tenerife island (Spain). Astrophysics can be found in our DNA. Creating new solutions.

Always achieving out & and exploring beyond limits.

This is our background. This is our story.

Direct imaging of exoplanets using adaptive optics. Images taken through the atmosphere are degraded and most details can be lost.

Getting the best image quality requires accurately measurements and a lot of imagination to solve any problem. Checking & and correcting turbulences @ real time. Creating new ways to achieve better results.

This is in our DNA: Handle the propagation of the electromagnetic wave fields to its full extent. We enjoy creating faster and more efficient new solutions.

We wake up every morning looking forward to developing "something" amazingly cool.

Providing the means so everybody can experience new sensations. We believe that everybody has a huge potential for a great experience. We love breaking ground so people can enjoy & feel 3D experiences.

A new imaging experience tool that everybody can enjoy.