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Press Release

Wooptix in ASMC 2024

The semiconductor metrology expert will present on May 14th at ASMC with the Title 3D shape measurements of patterned silicon wafers

Madrid 13th May 2024. Wooptix, the semiconductor metrology expert using Wavefront Phase Detection, has presented today at the Advance Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC). The event is taking place from May 13th to May 16th in Albany, New York, and is an event organized by SEMI. “ASMC brings together manufacturers, equipment and materials suppliers, and academia to solve manufacturing challenges with innovative strategies and methodologies.” The presentation conducted by Wooptix is titled “3D Shape Measurements of Patterned Silicon Wafers” and is part of Session 2: Advanced Metrology.

About Advanced Metrology, SEMI explains, “This session contains presentations from a variety of techniques, applied in novel ways to provide important information for process and quality improvements. These techniques include overlay measurements, CD-SEM and scatterometry. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are employed to improve the quality of measurements.”

patterned silicon wafers

Silicon Wafer

Wooptix Researchers involved in this presentation are: J. Gaudestad, J. Trujillo-Sevilla, J. M. Ramos-Rodríguez, K. Ivanov Kurtev, G. Castro Luis, M. Jiménez-Gomis. Miguel Jimenez Gomis, Engineer Applications at Wooptix, is the person in charge of the presentation.

The SEMI Page with the Session Info is here: ASMC Technical Session (Advance Metrology)

3D shape measurements

About 3D shape measurements of patterned silicon wafers, several key aspects should be considered to ensure accurate characterization of the wafer’s topography and surface features:

  • Surface Profiling: Utilizing techniques such as Waveront Phase Image to measure the three-dimensional topography of the patterned silicon wafer. This includes capturing surface roughness, feature heights, and depth variations across the wafer.
  • Feature Height and Depth: Commenting on the height and depth of patterned features provides insights into the uniformity and consistency of the patterning process. It’s essential to evaluate variations in feature heights and depths across the wafer to ensure uniformity and precision.
  • Surface Roughness Analysis: Assessing the surface roughness of the patterned silicon wafer’s three-dimensional topography helps evaluate the quality and smoothness of the patterned surfaces.
  • Cross-Sectional Analysis: Conducting cross-sectional analysis to examine the vertical profile of patterned features and verify their structural integrity. This enables the measurement of feature sidewall angles, aspect ratios, and any potential defects or irregularities within the patterned structures.
  • Overlay Accuracy: Commenting on the accuracy of overlay alignment between multiple patterned layers or structures on the silicon wafer. This involves measuring the alignment precision and registration errors between different patterned features or layers, which is critical for device fabrication processes such as lithography and etching.
  • Defect Detection and Characterization: Identifying and characterizing any defects or anomalies present in the three-dimensional shape of patterned silicon wafers. This includes defects such as pattern misalignment, stitching errors, or structural defects that may impact device performance or yield.

By analyzing and commenting on the 3D shape measurements of patterned silicon wafers, manufacturers can ensure the quality, reliability, and performance of semiconductor devices fabricated on these substrates.

These insights are crucial for process optimization, quality control, and yield enhancement in semiconductor manufacturing.

About Wooptix

Wooptix is a leader in semiconductor metrology using wave front phase imaging, a technique derived from adaptive optics research in astronomy. With a multidisciplinary team, Wooptix aims to revolutionize the semiconductor metrology industry with the highest lateral resolution and fastest measurement technique for online factory measurements.

The company has developed Phemet®, a silicon wafer measurement tool, which is the precursor to the next fully automated manufacturing tool expected in 2024. Wooptix has already implemented Phemet® at various customer sites worldwide. Wooptix is headquartered in Tenerife, Madrid (Spain), and San Francisco (USA).

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