Explore Inside Your Reality

By capturing several images from the same point of view, we reconstruct the scene light field. This new approach allows us to enjoy all-time high quality and multiple applications.

"This is a new paradigm. Our technology allows us to see more. Standard cameras, different data interpretation."
Óscar Gómez: Chief Lightfield project


Lightfield is capable to obtain volumetric information of the scene captured with just a conventional camera. For this reason, for a scene obtained by a still camera we can estimate the distance from our device to the pixel represented in the image. We just need an out-of-the-shelf smartphone, the rest is managed entirely via software, no additional hardware is required.

With a camera in a still position, we take a set of images varying the focus distance of each image. With this set (from now on, so-called focal stack) we can reconstruct the 3D volume of the scene in the focus range identifying the position in the Z axis of each point in the scene.

Once the volume is obtained, we are capable to detect the location of the objects situated in the scene. The quality of our product is the maximum quality provided by the camera.