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Method for depth estimation for a variable focus camera

Publication number: 20220383525 Abstract: The disclosure relates to a method including: capturing a sequence of images of a scene with a camera at different focus positions according to a predetermined focus schedule that specifies a chronological sequence of focus positions of the camera, extracting image features of captured images, after having extracted and stored image features from […]


Barcode Detection Method

Publication number: 20210089736 Abstract: The invention relates to a computer-implemented method for detecting barcodes in a digital image represented as a two-dimensional digital image array comprising: applying a filter to the image array, computing a discrete Radon transformation of the filtered image array, wherein the discrete Radon Transformation is computed for a plurality of discrete lines across […]


Method and camera for the real-time acquisition of visual information from three-dimensional scenes

Publication number: 20110032337 Abstract: The invention relates to a method for calculating the focal stack associated with an object space from the plenoptic function thereof, using a sum transform along the length of constrained planes in discrete hypercubes, which allows the computing time to be considerably reduced. The invention also relates to a method for increasing the […]


Method for determining the complex amplitude of the electromagnetic field associated with a scene

Publication number: 20180007342 Abstract: A method for determining the complex amplitude of the electromagnetic field associated with a scene, comprising a) capturing a plurality of images of the scene by means of a photographic camera, the images being focused in planes of focus arranged at different distances, wherein the camera comprises a lens of focal length F […]


Wavefront Curvature Sensor Involving Temporal Sampling of the Image Intensity Distribution

Publication number: 20220018718 Abstract: The present invention relates to a system and method for reconstruction of temporal wavefront changes for use in an optical system comprising: measuring the distribution function of the light intensity, e.g. the two-dimensional distribution function of the light intensity, in at least two different images taken at different times, wherein said images are […]


Monocular Real Time Full Resolution Depth Estimation Arrangement with a Tunable Lens / March 2022

Ricardo Oliva-García, Sabato Ceruso, José G. Marichal-Hernández and José M. Rodriguez-Ramos

This work introduces a real-time full-resolution depth estimation device, which allows integral displays to be fed with a real-time light-field. The core principle of the technique is a high-speed focal stack acquisition method combined with an efficient implementation of the depth estimation algorithm, …