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New high repeatability wafer geometry measurement technique for full 200mm and 300mm blank wafers / March 2022

Juan Trujillo, Álvaro Pérez, Óscar Casanova, Miriam Velasco, Sabato Ceruso, Ricardo Oliva, Óscar Gómez, Javier Martín, Alex Roqué, José Manuel Rodríguez, Jan O. Gaudestad

Wave Front Phase Imaging (WFPI), a new wafer geometry technique, is presented, that acquires 7.65 million data points in 5 seconds on a full 300mm wafer providing lateral resolution of 96µm.


The optics of the human eye at 8.6 µm resolution / December 2021

Wooptix’ team with the collaboration of Damien Gatinel & Jack T. Holladay

In this work, we characterize the in vivo ocular optics of the human eye with a lateral resolution of 8.6 microns, which implies roughly 1 million measurement points for a pupil diameter of 9 mm. The results suggest that the normal human eye presents a series of hitherto unknown optical patterns. This discovery could have a great impact on the way we understand some fundamental mechanisms of human vision.


Light Field: a VFX life changer


Light-field imaging is an imaging technology that produces images conceivable to alter the focus in an existing picture. Contradicted to conventional pictures, all the ranges in an image shot with a light field camera can be focused to create a specific detail more honed or any portion of an obvious region.


Relative multiscale deep depth from focus / August 2021

Sabato Ceruso, Sergio Bonaque-González, Ricardo Oliva-García, José Manuel Rodríguez-Ramos

The problem of reconstructing a depth map from a sequence of differently focused images (focal stack) is called Depth from focus. The core idea of this method is to analyze the sharpness of each pixel and compare it along the axis of the focal stack to estimate the true depth value. This approach has two main drawbacks: it depends on the optics of the camera and on the focus measure operator…


Inverse Multiscale Discrete Radon Transform by Filtered Backprojection / July 2021

José G. Marichal-Hernández, Ricardo Oliva-García, Óscar Gómez-Cárdenes, Iván Rodríguez-Méndez, José M. Rodríguez-Ramos

The Radon transform is a valuable tool in inverse problems such as the ones present in electromagnetic imaging. Up to now the inversion of the multiscale discrete Radon transform has been only possible by iterative numerical methods while the continuous Radon transform is usually tackled…