38th Mask and Lithography Conference: Wooptix will present the latest Research Work

The conference named “New optical metrology technique for shape measurements of blank and patterned silicon wafers” will take place the 21 th Wednesday of June.

Phemet® the Wooptix Labtool

                           Wooptix Labtool


Madrid 19th June 2023. Next June, from 19th to 21th will be celebrated in Dresden, Germany, the 38th Mask and Lithography Conference 2023. This Conference annually brings together scientists, researchers and engineers from research institutes and companies from around the world to present their latest findings in mask and lithography techniques.

On Wednesday the 21st of June Jan Olaf Gaudestad, Wooptix VP of Business Development, will present the Research Work “New optical metrology technique for shape measurements of blank and patterned silicon wafers”.

The abstract of the Wooptix Paper states: “The semiconductor industry has been using interferometry-based techniques for measuring the free form wafer shape of blank silicon wafers for several years. In this paper we introduce a new measurement technique, Wave Front Phase Imaging (WFPI), that can measure the free form wafer shape of a silicon wafer by acquiring only the intensity of the reflected light. In the WFPI system, the wafer is held vertically to avoid the effects of gravity during measurements”.

The Conference, will be located in Hilton Hotel, Dresden, and will start Monday the 19th of June at 14.00 through Wednesday the 21st of June at 18.00. The Program can be downloaded here.

Interested attendees can register online here.

About Wooptix
Wooptix is a leader in semiconductor metrology through wavefront phase imaging, a technique coming derived from adaptive optics research in astronomy. With a multidisciplinary team, Wooptix aims to disrupt the semiconductor metrology industry with the highest lateral resolution and fastest measurement technique for inline fab measurements.

The company has developed Phemet®, a wafer shape lab tool for blank and patterned wafers, ahead of the upcoming fully automated fab tool, expected in 2024. Wooptix has already deployed the lab tool at several customer sites worldwide.

Wooptix is based at Tenerife, Madrid (Spain) and San Francisco (USA).